Whether you are a new vendor or a returning vendor, we can’t wait to welcome you to the flea market family! We love partnering with local small business owners to provide an excellent experience for our shoppers.

Vendor Guidelines:

  • Merchandise at the market should be kept within a 80% vintage/antique/handcrafted and 20% commercially produced, keeping to the vintage/antique/artisan flea market concept.

  • This is a juried event, meaning that all vendors will be hand selected based on the product they will be selling. If you are not chosen for the event, your check will be returned to you within 60 days of receipt. If your application is approved, your check will be cashed and you will receive a notice of acceptance and confirmation.

Vendor Fees:

  • Indoor 13’x13’: $350

  • Indoor 9’x9’: $275

  • Indoor 8’ Tabletop: $200 **LIMITED AVAILABILITY**

  • Outdoor Concrete Space 10’x20’: $250

  • Outdoor Lawn/Asphalt Space 10’x15’: $225

  • Food Vendor: $50

We welcome you to apply for our next market. We are currently not accepting the following categories: plants, jewelry, signs and candles.